Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tool #2

I just posted comments on blogs. I enjoyed learning how to post & build a PLN. I think it is really cool that people can communicate & share new ideas.
I think it is important to remember the 10 points in creating & maintaining your be open, friendly...invite comments. I think honesty is also important. One should welcome comments even if not favorable learn, stimulate growth & new ideas. I think I will be able to apply the 10 points more effectively in the future as I become more comfortable with the process of blogging.
To be perfectly honest I am not comfortable at this stage commenting personal thoughts online or in blogs. I am beginning to find it more interesting & will probably feel more at ease as I travel through the 11 Tools process. I chose the blog called Always Learning. I was first attracted to the color & pictures. As I read through the blog I found two components I really appreciate. One is the ability to customize menus & categories. How one teacher may teach more than one subject but can maintain & manage only one blog for all subjects. That is pretty amazing. The second component was the shared google calendars. They are so collaborative & make life easier since they can be embedded in everyone's blog. I am not sure how that happens but I am sure I will be learning soon! On to Tool # 3.... yeah me! Here is the link....

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  1. Always Learning is a great blog to follow! Kim is really creative and talented! I also enjoy the title as I believe we should always be learning - just like what we try to instill in our students! It does take time to become comfortable putting yourself out there on the web.