Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tool # 4

Well, today was pretty much fun. It seemed easier than other days. I think it is definitely useful to me. I like being able to share things with others. I have already had teachers share lists with me this the list of student council kiddos & the list of kids who got the planned experiences in the gt range. Now I can share lists, etc with them. I loved the forms sections & that the spread sheet will list all those who have filled out your form. This will make keeping up with things in "GT" world much easier. I am already thinking of ways I can use it.


  1. Google Docs suddenly doesn't seem so foreign, does it? You should find PLENTY of reasons put them to good use!

  2. Google Apps is just an amazing suite of tools that Google provides free for education. Docs and Forms are just the beginning. Teachers and students can also access a number of 3rd party apps for free - take a look under More in the toolbar! Glad you have found some tools that will make your job easier!