Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tool #5-Part 1

Wow....I can't believe it. Linsey will be so proud! The very simple instructions she gave us helped me tremendously. Thank you for that. This would be really fun to do with small groups. They could make skits or videos to send a message to other students, parents or for the school website. It could be a great project because students could produce it by themselves or in a small group. Everyone has a chance to be creative & personalize it. I love being able to pick pictures, music & text. Very powerful tool..... from my perspective.

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  1. I am proud! Great idea using Stupeflix with small groups. It would be interesting to see what students would create if they had to make a Stupeflix video that represented themselves. We might learn a lot about kids that way. You might also create videos to introduce or reinforce something you're teaching classes about. We could even show them on morning announcements.