Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tool # 10

I would approach the use of technology in a classroom guidance lesson the same way I would approach any lesson. There are some guidelines we must use to be safe, effective, honest & appropriate. Before I begin any lesson using technology I would check with the teacher to see if they had already been through training regarding digital citizenship. I have to say after reading through Tool #10 I had no idea that so many resources were available to SBISD to teach the proper use of technology & the importance of safety, citizenship & appropriateness. I checked the Power to Learn Resources first. It has very specific information in using the different forms of technology. I found I-Safe a bit friendlier to use. I was really wowed when I clicked on Atomic Learning. I have heard the name tossed around frequently but thought it was only about academic lessons. It has so many resources at your finger tips....... training, professional development, technology integration, 21st Century Skills, technology skills & training, demonstrations, workshops, software tutorials & even assessments.
If I were a classroom teacher I would definitely begin on one of these websites to teach proper technology use. Student safety would be my top priority, appropriateness, productivity & efficiency.
After I-Safety training I would use the analogies I use in guidance lessons. Asking the same question.... why is it important to be respectful to others? Why is it important to be respectful in the use of technology? What are some things that can happen if one is not respectful & safe when using technology? so on & so on.....
I think the use of technology for elementary counselors could best be served if we shared different lessons, websites, etc in our counselor meetings or on a "counselor" blog. At our last meeting we went to some websites that had videos regarding bullying & life skills. Since teachers have active boards it makes it easier for us to bring our computers or have the teacher go to a specified website for us to do a lesson.

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