Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tool # 6

Today we tried out Todaysmeet! It was really interesting for all of us. We also learned about back channeling. It is a very simple tool for all kids & gives every student a chance to comment or ask questions during a presentation....especially shy students who might otherwise remain quiet. We also thought that students could work in small groups .......come up with an answer or question & post it. Then everyone could see each groups responses, comments, ideas, etc. I like it. I have seen it used in one meeting I attended.
Google in Education is new & has lessons a teacher can use. I plan to check it out for guidance lessons, etc.
The thing I think is so cool & I know kids really get a kick out of it is skype...the reality that you can link to other classrooms around the world is so empowering for kids. The educational ramifications are huge! I know it could be incredibly handy during career week. All classes could pick people in different occupations & interview them or have them walk their computer around the business & students could see things first hand. Kids have the opportunity to ask questions first hand.
I haven't checked it out yet but I want to check out Wallwisher. I think it would be helpful for counselors to post things to the wall....information, resources, names of good children's books, etc...Linsey is sending us a wallwisher link through email. Can't wait to try it out!

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  1. Today's Meet is a great tool to promote giving everyone a voice! As a counselor, you could leave it up for a while - maybe allow students to write ways they were kind to others...