Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tool #7

After looking at some of the sites on 11 tools I was kind of intrigued by ePals. I formed an account with them. I think it would be interesting to communicate with other counselors in the U.S. Possibly we could post activities or initiatives that we do at our schools such as No Place for Hate, Character without Question, Character Counts, etc.
My primary objective would be to acquire new activities, techniques, strategies for classroom guidance activities or school wide initiatives. It would also be interesting to share with my students things I learn from counselors in other parts of our country.
This project could begin now or summer when there is more time to devote to it or possibly next year. I could choose a class that would like to be a part of it....possibly the students would come up with other ideas. Fifth grade student ambassadors would probably love to get involved with this project since we use them for character ed programs all year long.
The tools I would probably use are You Tube, Edmundo along with ePals.
I could guide the ambassadors at my campus to find videos, websites, stories, etc that support the life skills & post to the ePals account or a blog. With more time & experimentation I think the possibilities are endless.

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