Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tool # 8

I enjoyed reading about the Netbooks & IPads/ITouches. I really had no idea they could do so much. I can see where teachers would love to have them available in their classroom. Students typically pick up technology rather quickly but I liked the suggestion that rules of instruction & care of the equipment be posted at all times. One of the videos suggested creating a power point for each piece of equipment that students could refer to as often as needed.

I was most interested in the "picture" part of Tool #8. I think counselors could use the Netbooks or IPads/ITouches for taking pictures/videos & then creating a story or presentation for their peers using any life skill of their choosing. The students could also make a video presentation of life skills for a younger grade. I would like to see older students make videos on bullying, "appreciation videos" for different sub-groups on campus i.e. the teachers, the office staff, the nurse, the counselor, the specialists, PTA moms, etc. They could make a video of catching students doing random acts of kindness & then show them on the school TV network. Possibly the student could link a life skill(s) to a social studies event & tie the two together. Since students love taking pictures/video & love being in them they could go wild with their imagination. They would need time & guidance from the teacher/counselor. Some wonderful stories could be made & shared. They could build a blog & the students could post the video stories on the blog for others to see.
The organization points listed in the last video under suggestions seemed really practical to me. I don't think I could improve upon the suggestions unless I actually was the one in charge & a "need" arose. I think putting students in charge is a great way to teach & help them be responsible.

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