Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tool # 9

I enjoyed reading Tool # 9. I totally loved the video by Sir Ken Robinson. I also enjoyed the "way" in which he presented his information. I think he has very convincing arguments for changing the way we do things in education. We absolutely must keep up with technology & the world around us.
Students clearly understand & learn how to use technology much faster than adults. It is imperative that we stay ahead of them or at least can stand by them. It is a learning curve for everyone. The majority of the time the student is more fired up than the teacher. I am enjoying learning about all the things technology has to offer for students & for teachers. Teachers have an enormous amount of resources that were not offered when I first started & it is at their finger tips. I see no other way but to incorporate technology as much as one can in student's learning. Since the "world" is at our fingertips then matching the activity to the objective is easy. The teacher has a plethora of apps, tools, etc. she can use to teach her objectives. In order to insure learning takes place one must hold the students accountable for the objective. The information on Tool #9 gave multiple ways to structure technology based learning for accountability.
I went to every app available in Tool #9. Every app I saw was related to academics. I did not see any that related to "counseling" or classroom guidance lessons. I will not ever have learning stations but it is possible that I could find some apps that I could do a lesson with students sitting in groups with IPads or netbooks. Working in small groups we could create a story, moral lesson, life skill video, etc. The students could present after they finished.

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